Technology has no frontiers

We connect a worldwide network of leaders

At Inveniam we connect an international network of alliances and collaborators that provide our customers with global perspective, insight and opportunity.


The Collider

The Venture Builder program by Mobile World Capital Barcelona that addresses the challenge of transforming scientific knowledge into technological solutions.


Foundation and accelerator of startups that promote social impact, both environmental and social.


Program to help bio-health projects succeed by providing financial support, mentors, contacts and training.


International consultancy firm centered in growth and results, based in Barcelona but with international headquarters.

Capital Cell

Europe's first equity crowdfunding platform specialized in life sciences with unique due diligence procedures.


Software centered in Financial Crowd Management, by opening a new digital financing channel.


Tax and competitive funding experts for innovative companies and startups.

Fosterfin Finance

Financial advisors specialising in debt financing and restructuring.


International Scientific and Regulatory Affairs consultancy firm based in Barcelona and Munich.


Terra VP

Early stage venture capital firm that invest in innovative technologies that have the potential to influence millions of lives.

The Kitchen Hub

Enterprise that nurtures and invests in cutting edge technology startups which add value across the food industry chain.

Our Crowd

Leading equity crowdfunding platform for investments in global startups.

Pearl Cohen

Pearl Cohen is an international law firm with offices in the United States, Israel and the UK. Primarily representing innovation-driven enterprises including Fortune 500 and small-cap emerging companies, start-ups and entrepreneurs, investors in the enterprises they form, academic institutions and government-related entities.



International consultancy firm centered in growth and results, based in Barcelona but with international headquarters.

Nancy Pérez

Cleantech Advisor.


The LATAM IP Marketplace



Premier B2B platform dedicated to innovation that offers services to the owners of patented innovations.



Strategic partner for top scientific institutions and innovative companies in the field of knowledge and technology transfer.


Dr. Alan Belicha

Biotech and Pharmaceutical Advisor.

Dr. Xavier Bofill

Biomedical Advisor.


IBD Consulting

Consulting firm that assists companies by offering innovative solutions to enter new markets and providing expert business development services.


Singapore IPI

Intellectual Property Intermediary focuses on industry needs and enables enterprises to develop new processes, products and services.



Consulting firm that supports companies to develop and finance innovation strategies, as well as advising on all things related to the implementation of European funded research projects.