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About Us

To provide strategic and financial advisory services to start-ups and researchers with health, social and environmental impact innovations, supporting them to bring their breakthrough technologies to the market, for a healthier, safer and more sustainable world.

Inveniam’s services cover the different needs of companies and institutions through their development and growth journey. By finding the right partners and structuring successful collaborations, Inveniam supports the development of initial and growth phases, when agility, market knowledge and experience are key success factors. Services include financial advisory, strategic consulting and public funding support.


Elena Canetti

Managing Partner, Israel
MBA from Boston University

Elena is an international expert in Technology Transfer. Having completed hundreds of licensing and research deals in the pharmaceutical, high-tech and chemical industries, Elena brings years of experience with tech commercialization in international markets. Prior to co-founding Inveniam, Elena was VP of Research Collaborations at a worldwide renowned Israeli University, where she led the commercialization of promising technologies to international corporations and leading venture capital firms.

Eric Suñol

Managing Partner, Madrid
PhD in Economics from the New School for Social Research in New York

Eric is an experienced entrepreneur, consultant and transaction advisor in different industries, with a special focus on sustainability. Prior to co-founding Inveniam, he worked as a consultant setting up a major Spanish incubator. He has also served in several positions in a power & gas corporation and worked in investment banking.

Albert Cot

Partner, Barcelona
PhD in Bioengineering from the UPC

With more than 20 years of professional experience in DeepTech and industry-academia partnerships (Industrial and Bioengineering R&D). He holds two areas of expertise, both Life Sciences and Sustainability. At Inveniam he develops the Venture Building activity through specialized consulting and private & public Fundraising through his vast experience in Tech Transfer in Medtech, Biotech, Digital Health, Renewable Energy, Smart Grids, Energy Storage, etc.
Albert manages INNCOM, a Corporate Venture program for COMSA Corporation leading intrapreneurship projects. He also serves as a member of the Industrial Engineering Association of Catalonia board and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine of the UAB

John Crockett

Partner, Barcelona
MSc in Economics from the University of London

John has extensive experience in competitive funding for NGOs, businesses and research institutions. As Managing Director, he previously helped grow an innovation consulting firm into a leader in writing SME Instrument proposals. John currently leads Inveniam’s public funding division.

Alex Fuentes

Partner, Mexico & Barcelona
Industrial Engineer from UPC

Space Aeronautical Engineer from ENSAM «Arts et Métiers»

Alex is a global expert in Energy Transition and Circular Economy, having worked as a Technical and Operating Director in some of the world’s leading environmental companies. Besides, he has established a successful financial career in the Private Equity sector, as an Investment Director in one of the most important European Environmental Investment Funds. He has also closed M&A infrastructure deals as an investment advisor, always with the perspective of having a positive impact on the environment.

Jesús Purroy

Director, Barcelona
PhD in Biology with a PDD from IESE Business School

Jesús is a molecular biologist and entrepreneur focused on addressing social needs through the development of life science-based technology. He worked as Research & Innovation Director and later Scientific Director at the Barcelona Science Park. Jesus has founded two companies and is an advisor to several others.

Víctor Suñol

Manager, Barcelona
MSc in Renewable Energy Management from the UB-IL3

MSc in Internet Management from ICT

BSc in ADE from Universitat Oberta Catalunya

Víctor is passionate about new technologies and has over 20 years of international experience in multicultural project management and business development in the IT and broadcast sectors. 
Prior to specializing in public procurement and fundraising, he also worked in the financial sector.

Emma Pipó Ollé

Manager, Barcelona
MSc in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern Denmark

BS in Biotechnology from Universidad de Barcelona

Emma has previously worked at the R&D department of a Danish Biotech company and at a research group at university, altogether specializing in cancer diagnosis, drug discovery and drug delivery. As a graduate of Environmental Engineering, she can evaluate sustainable technologies and design environmentally efficient solutions. Furthermore, she can quantify climate and environmental impacts independently or in parallel to financial and socio-economic aspects, with a global perspective focusing on circular economy.

Naia Jiménez

Manager, Barcelona
MSc in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics from the UPF Barcelona School of Management

BSc in Biomedical Engineering from Universitat de Barcelona

Naia is a biomedical engineer, who specialized in the acceleration of innovative MedTech and digital health projects. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in Health Economics and is an active member of Young IT Girls, a non-profit organization that promotes technological vocations among young girls. Naia supports the Inveniam Group team in strategic consulting, impact evaluation, and private and public fundraising. She also manages the communication content of the company. 

Laia Mencia

Manager, Barcelona
PhD in Astronomy from Stockholm University, Sweden
BSc in Physics from Universidad de La Laguna
Enrolled in the MBA from EAE Business School

For her PhD in the field of Astronomy, Laia worked on broad-band multi-colour imaging and image analysis to determine supernovae rates. 
Laia supports the Inveniam Group team in public funding, helping guide clients through the different funding instruments in both European and Spanish funding. From single companies to consortiums, Laia helps clients tell the story of their technology and navigate the often complex processes that surround public funding. Laia is one of our generalist writers, working on projects in both the life sciences and sustainability teams. 

Black and white photo of Nick Chapman from the shoulder up, wearing a sweater.

Nick Chapman

Manager, Barcelona
MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems from the University of Edinburgh
MPhil in Smart Grids from the University of Manchester

Nick is an expert in energy engineering and economics, with experience in research, technology development, project management, fundraising and business planning.  Prior to joining Inveniam, Nick supported and lead several energy innovation projects in the UK and Spain. He is the author of three IEEE publishes and has presented his research on-demand flexibility at a number of major European conferences.

Miriam Romero

Associate, Barcelona
MSc in Circular Economy and Sustainable Development from Valencia International University
BSc in Industrial Engineering from the Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC)

Miriam is a dynamic and enthusiastic industrial engineer with experience in project and quality management in the automotive industry. In recent years, she got interested in the Circular Economy’s potential to tackle climate change challenges, so she decided to dedicate her career to CE and sustainability-related projects. At Inveniam, Miriam will offer his project management experience to make possible innovative projects with environmental impact come to life.

Silvia Pérez

Associate, Barcelona
MSc Candidate in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics from UPF Barcelona School of Management

BSc in Biomedical Engineering from UPF

Silvia is a versatile and enthusiastic biomedical engineer with healthcare knowledge and the motivation to be involved in challenging and impactful projects. She assists the Inveniam team with strategic consulting activities in the Life Sciences area, mainly focused on medical devices and digital health solutions. Before joining the team, she worked in the Laboratory of Neuropharmacology from the PRBB gaining experience for her final thesis.

Fé van den Broek

Associate, Barcelona

MSc in Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Biomedical Engineering from Universitat de Barcelona

BSc in Biological Sciences with Management from Imperial College London

Fé’s interest lies in the interface between science and business, leveraging her background in biomedicine, entrepreneurship, and management to form a detail-oriented yet holistic perspective. She is passionate about innovations and commercial developments in BioTech, MedTech, and digital health and how these technologies drive change in the healthcare industry. As part of Inveniam Group, she assists start-ups in determining the best path to success.

Francesco Berni

Analyst, Barcelona

MSc in Energy for Smart Cities from KU Leuven & Universidad Politecnica Catalonia

BSc in Energy Engineering from the University of Bologna.

Francesco combines an energy engineering background with the management and entrepreneurial skills that he obtained during the Innovation Journey (Real Life challenge) and previous working experiences within the energy sector. He is passionate about delivering cost-efficient renewable energy to improve cost-effectiveness. Before joining Inveniam Group, Francesco studied in the Energy for Smart Cities double degree master’s program sponsored by EIT InnoEnergy where he worked on interdisciplinary projects, such as the development of a project on effective electrification of rural areas in developing countries.

Guillermo Llamas

Analyst, Barcelona

Master´s in Financial and Accounting Management speciality in Corporate Finance from UPF Barcelona School of Management

BA in Law and Economics from the University of Seville.

Guillermo combines his economic and legal background with a keen interest in the world of start-ups. He has experience working in the Fintech ecosystem and, now he wants to bring financial advisory to start-ups and researchers with health and environmental impact innovations. At Inveniam, Guillermo helps in the financial part of the projects.

Júlia Gómez

Analyst, Barcelona

MSc in Renewable Energy from Universidad de La Laguna

BSc in Marine Science from Universidad de Cádiz

Júlia combines the environmental background with the renewable energies sector and energy efficiency.
She is proactive and passionate about environmental challenges and searching for decarbonised solutions to achieve the energy transition.
At Inveniam, she assists the sustainability department with strategic consulting activities and will actively participate in the biomethane projects.

Nazih Toubal

Analyst, Barcelona

PhD Researcher in Communication and Journalism at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
MSc in Political Communication at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium

Specializing in Energy policy, Nazih is dedicating his Ph.D. thesis to the Hydrogen strategy of the European Commission (EC) and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). His master thesis analyzed the first European Renewable Energy Directive underlining the lack of implementation of energy policies in the EU. Previously, he worked at the European Affairs department of an international energy utility company in Brussels, reporting on the legislative framework of the European Commission and the European Parliament and coordinating with Professional Energy Associations. He also has experience as a volunteer teacher for an educational association that helps underprivileged teenagers access University studies.

Jacob Hyer

Analyst, Barcelona

MSc in Pharmacology from the University of Washington

BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Rochester

Jacob’s laboratory experience spans from basic to preclinical research in areas as diverse as HIV, prostate cancer and epilepsy, working most recently in the Vaccine and Infectious Diseases Division at the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Institute. With his years at the bench behind him, he brings a passion for advancing the frontiers of medical science and eradicating the global burden of disease. He contributes to strategic consulting in the Life Sciences, focused on drugs and nanopharmaceutics.

Joaquim Comes

IT Manager, Barcelona

Higher Technical Certificate in Telecommunications and Computer Systems

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Barcelona

Quim is a Computer Engineer with more than 4 years of BI experience. He is an information and technology enthusiast, especially in AI, UX and BI. Previously, he has worked as a BI/IT Developer at HP and Innova-TSN, designing and developing cutting-edge solutions. Quim supports the Inveniam Group team in the company’s digital transformation and leads an R&D project based on NLP and ML for technology scouting.

Estefanía González

Visual & Communications designer, Barcelona

Master’s in Creative Documentary at UPF Barcelona School of Management

BA in Communication and Digital Media from Tecnológico de Monterrey

Estefania is an experienced photographer and filmmaker. Currently working also as a film producer and director assistant. She combines creativity, curiosity, and design skills to help develop the project proposals, the company’s identity, and news. Before joining the team, she had worked in the communication and coordination area for different film festivals and companies.

German Hernández

Financial Controller, Barcelona

A double degree in Administration and Finance

BA of International Marketing.

German has extensive experience in Project management and customer service. Designs and controls the accounting and tax management of Inveniam. He supports management in coordinating the rest of the functional areas.


Benito Vera

Venture Partner, Madrid
MSc in Economics from Universidad Compultense Madrid

Senior Executive Program at IESE

Benito has extensive experience in business strategy, investment banking and financial analysis pertaining to the energy and financial sectors. He has held several key positions, such as Director of Analysis and Studies at Gamesa and Iberdrola, Head of Equity Research at Santander, and VP of Equity Research, Energy Team at Citi (London).

Ricardo Schleifer

Venture Partner, Israel
MSc in Bio-Medical Engineering from the Tel Aviv University

BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Technion (both cum-laude)

As a Senior Marketing Manager, Ricardo brings 30+ years of experience in introducing innovative medical & electronic products into new and existing markets. Ricardo has experience in a long list of medical and pharma products and leading technologies as well as Cleantech and Agrotech.

Ignacio Villa

Venture Partner, Barcelona
MBA from ESADE Business School

Postgraduate in International Business from the Stockholm School of Economics

Ignacio is an experienced Investment Banker with 20+ years of experience in M&A and Venture Capital. He has advised on 50+ transactions in his career most of which have been cross-border deals. He also has extensive experience in floating Startups to the public stock markets, fundraising, and structuring complex transactions.

Raül Zurita

Venture Partner, Barcelona
PhD in Chemical Eng. from the Universidad Politecnica Catalonia


Raül has extensive experience of 20+ years in the life science industry, with leading roles in R&D, Global Marketing & Sales and Corporate Innovation. He
has expertise in technology evaluation, business strategy/development and
negotiation of licensing agreements. Besides this, Raül has founded a startup
and temporary cooperates with entrepreneurs setting up new ventures.

Javier Alonso

Venture Partner, Madrid
Industrial Engineer from Universidad Politecnica Madrid

Chemical Engineer from Universidad Valladolid

Javier works as a senior consultant, advisor, and business developer, with more than 30 years of experience, mainly in the fields of energy, environment, and innovation. He has collaborated with different entities and companies at both national and European levels such as Naturgy, Iberia, Innoenergy Europe’s Project Evaluation Committee, Spanish Technological Platform of CO2, Eurelestric’s Innovation, and ALINE among others.

Einav Zilber

Intellectual Property Transactions Advisor, Tel Aviv
Adv., Patent Attorney, LL.B – Law School of the Tel Aviv University, BSc. Physics & Math from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Einav has profound experience in business-oriented intellectual property counseling and management. Einav operates in multi-disciplinary fields, including Digital Health, Automotive, Semiconductors, and others. Einav assists established companies and startups with strategic collaborations and transactions and with the building of multi-disciplinary value-adding IP portfolios. Einav is recognized as one of IAM Strategy 300 Global Leaders 2021. She was named one of IAM Strategy 300: The World’s Leading IP Strategists 2020, and was recognized as a Corporate IP Star by Managing Intellectual Property IP Stars ranking for 2015–2018.

Rafael Rubio

Agri-biotech Advisor, Granada
PhD in Plant Biotechnology and Genetic Resources and a BS Agronomy

Rafael is an expert in ecological research pertaining to agriculture, genetics and plant biology. Rafael has worked with some of the best academic and scientific institutions in the US and Spain. He developed his research at Harvard and Duke University and in the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent).

Alan Belicha

Biotech Advisor, New York
PhD in Molecular Immunology and a BS in Biotechnology and Clinical Laboratory Sciences from Buffalo University

Alan is the Business Development Manager at Mount Sinai (NY, US) and is involved with the health division of the NYC Regional Innovation cluster. He was a consultant for Ascent Biomedical Ventures and an analyst at Grey Healthcare Group.

Alberto Peón

Financial Advisor, Madrid
MBA from The Wharton School and a BA from ICADE

Alberto is an experienced financial professional with a successful track record in investment banking and structured finance. He has held various roles at leading banks and multinationals, including Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Telefonica, and Gamesa. He has also held senior positions in biotech and software start-ups and was closely involved in capital raising.

Philippe Guisset

Biotech Advisor, Barcelona
MBA from the University of Leuven, Belgium and MA in Internet Business, from ISDI, Barcelona

Philippe has over 15 years experience in Pharmaceutical Companies and Life Science Projects, with increasingly responsible directive positions in sales, marketing, and people management. Strong negotiation skills, result-oriented analytical skills and proven customer-centric thinking leading to innovate & maintain consistent business results.

Xavier Bofill

Biotech Advisor, New York
PhD in Molecular Immunology and a BS in Biotechnology and Clinical Laboratory Sciences from Buffalo University

Alberto is an experienced finance professional with a successful track record in Investment Banking and Structured Finance roles at leading banks and multinationals, including Morgan Stanley, HSBC, Telefonica and Gamesa. He has also held senior positions in biotech and software start-ups, involved in their capital raising efforts as part of the management team and also as private investor.

Isabel Espejo

Advisor, Madrid

PhD in Biomedicine by UPF Barcelona School of Management
MSc in Genetics from Paris Diderot University
BC Biotechnology from Pablo de Olavide University 

Isa combines her work as an analyst in Inveniam with her academic activity as a professor of genetics at the CEU San Pablo University. She conducted her PhD at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), where she gained a deep knowledge about the use of multi-omics approaches to improve disease diagnosis and treatment. She also carried out multiple science dissemination activities, such as the BIYSC program from Fundació La Pedrera, or the CRG Public Dialogue from ORION Open Science European project. Recently, she has been awarded an Erasmus+ KA107 to participate in an interdisciplinary project aimed to build a WASH laboratory in Sierra Leone. Makeni University, Sierra Leona.

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