Cellular immunotherapy to cope with Covid-19

At Inveniam Group, we would like to congratulate Dr. Rafael Correa Rocha, head of the Immune-Regulation Laboratory of Gregorio Marañón Hospital, for participating in a European consortium that promotes research on cellular immunotherapies to cope with Covid-19. The consortium is coordinated by the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona – IDIBAPS with support of the company Cellnex Telecom.

Miwendo wins 2.8M€ funding of the EIC Accelerator

We are happy to announce that our colleagues from MiWendo Solutions have received a total of 2.8M€ funding from the EIC Accelerator (ex SME Instrument Phase 2). Thanks to this funding, the company can now clinically validate its technology at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona and begin its industrialization.  MiWEndo Solutions is a medical start-up focused…

Successful Ventures invests in Devicare

Inveniam has advised Devicare in the round and the closing of a successful transaction with Successful Ventures.
Successful Ventures is a business angels network with more than 100 active investors. In 2019, it has invested 1.8 million euros in 15 technology-based start-ups, and now is starting its journey in the e-health sector with the help of the leading Spanish company in urology, Devicare.

ZeCardio an investment for the heart

ZeClinics Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of treatments for cardiovascular diseases. Nowadays cardiovascular diseases are the cause of death of at least a third of the global population. Despite this issue, there is not enough research on this area because all the focus is on fighting cancer.  ZeClinics proposes a revolutionary…

WalkHome SME Instrument Phase I Project

Stroke is a devastating life event that often results in permanent disability, in particular, reduced motor control capability or, in severe cases, a complete absence of muscular function. Almost 1 million people suffer a stroke in Europe every year, with 20% of these suffering from drop foot, which significantly reduces their ability to walk.  However,…

Are we already living in a virtual reality?

A few weeks ago, The New Yorker published the article “Are we already living in virtual reality?” by Joshua Rothman. In the article, Joshua describes the journey of Thomas Metzinger to recreate his out-of-body experiences, which lead him to fund Virtual BodyWorks. Next to that, Joshua states his own experiences with virtual reality in many…