INCUBIS H2020 Project Kick-Off

Inveniam Group is delighted kick-off the INCUBIS H2020 project last week to promote #IndustrialSymbiosis in the EU. The three-year EU funded project will establish five regional Incubators in Barcelona, Hull, Norway, Dunkirk and North Germany, to facilitate…

EIC Accelerator call for “green deal” start-ups and SMEs

It has been confirmed that 19 May ’20 will be a one-off EIC Accelerator call for game-changing green innovation and woman-led start-ups and SMEs. All applicants will have to demonstrate their green credentials and explain how their innovation contributes to the goals of The European Green Deal.

Eric Suñol news article

Our Partner Eric Suñol talks about the energy of this century in Política & Prosa newspaper. Digging into subjects such as the trasition to descarbonized energy and technologies of renewal generation.

EcoMDF SME Instrument Phase II Project

We look forward to continue supporting BuildAir as they grow and expand through these new markets and opportunities!   Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is one of the most common materials used for construction purposes. Unfortunately, this material is not recyclable and is generally incinerated at the end of the product lifecycle. The incineration of MDF produces…