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#ElephantOfTheMonth – April 2022

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Inveniam Group is made up of a diverse and multidisciplinary team that works together to bring breakthrough technologies to the market. Every month we will highlight one of our team members to get to know them and show who we are. For our
seventh instalment we present, Francesco Berni.

What interested you about working with Inveniam Group?

I discovered Inveniam Group after having worked for a utility company in the energy sector; I decided to move more on the front line of innovation. From the first interview, I understood that Inveniam was exactly what I was hoping for.
What I like the most about working at Inveniam Group is the passion for innovation and the never stop exploring attitude that always brings new projects and new technologies to the table. This allows me to constantly look forward to the next disruptive innovation and technology that could be part of the change we need in the energy sector.

What do you do here at Inveniam Group?

I work as an analyst in the energy and sustainability division. My daily work involves a deep understanding of the energy sector’s latest market developments, which makes my role really inspiring and dynamic. My focus is on tech scouting, but I also participate in public and private funding projects and strategic consulting.

What are your fields of interest?

I am an energy engineer with a strong background in renewable energies and Smart Cities. Since high school, I have always been passionate about renewable energies and how to fight climate change. Finally, at Inveniam, I found a company and a group of people looking in the same direction. Here I think I can give my best contribution to the skills and knowledge I have acquired during my studies.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

New passions and discovery are always my good plan. I am passionate about reading books, especially on geopolitics and thrillers. Having lived abroad for almost 4 years raised my love for travelling and meeting new people from different cultures. I love to play football and try new sports in my spare time.

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