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#ElephantOfTheMonth – February 2022

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Inveniam Group is made up of a diverse and multidisciplinary team that works together to bring breakthrough technologies to the market. Every month we will highlight one of our team members to get to know them and show who we are. For our fifth instalment we present, Silvia Pérez.

Silvia is an enthusiastic biomedical engineer who strives to support the transfer of innovative and lifesaving medical technologies as they move down their pathways to success.

BSc in Biomedical Engineering from Universidad Pompeu Fabra

What interested you about working with Inveniam Group?

I discovered Inveniam Group while looking for my first job after finishing my biomedical engineering degree. It was clear to me that I was looking for a young company that would motivate me to learn and develop myself in business and health sciences. It was important to me to work in an environment where I could grow professionally and personally. From the first interview, I knew that Inveniam Group was exactly what I was looking for. The multidisciplinary team that we have created makes working here a continuous and exciting learning experience.

What do you do here at Inveniam Group?

I work as an analyst in the healthcare division, specifically in medical devices innovation. The work incorporates knowledge in the area of technology transfer, creativity, and understanding of the latest market developments in the health sector, which makes it dynamic and challenging. My work focuses on strategic consulting projects, public and private fundraising, and being part of the analysis team.

What are your fields of interest?

I am a young biomedical engineer passionate about impactful and innovative healthcare projects. It has always been my nature to be multidisciplinary and curious. Working for Inveniam allows me to contribute to the convergence of health and new technologies, participate in disruptive projects, and support healthcare solutions.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

As a very active and friendly person, I enjoy spending my free time doing what I love the most: traveling and meeting my family and friends. I am always open to a good plan, whether it is a concert, visiting a museum, trying a new restaurant, walking on the beach, or starting a good book. 

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