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#ElephantOfTheMonth – January 2022

Company News

Inveniam Group is made up of a diverse and multidisciplinary team that works together to bring breakthrough technologies to the market. Every month we will highlight one of our team members to get to know them and show who we are. For our fourth instalment we present, Estefania Gonzalez.

Estefania is a communication and documentary filmmaker with a multidisciplinary background, a positive mindset, and highly communicative skills. She combines her creativity, curiosity, and design skills to develop graphic designs and visual solutions such as photography and video.

Master’s in Creative Documentary at Universidad Pompeu Fabra

BA in Communication and Digital Media from Tecnológico de Monterrey

What interested you about working with Inveniam Group?

I discovered Inveniam Group while looking for an internship as part of my Master’s course. The thing that interested me the most was working with projects that will make a positive change in the world. After almost 4 years at Inveniam Group, I think the thing that I enjoy the most is the amazing multidisciplinary team I work with. 

What do you do here at Inveniam Group?

I am the creative part of Inveniam Group, my job is to tell the story of our clients through their graphic identities. I design a clearer, more professional and powerful image by creating or redesigning the proposals, presentations, logos and palette colours of our projects. 

What are your fields of interest?

I am deeply interested in social change. To create a more inclusive, multicultural, safe, sustainable and fair world for everyone. I am also interested in using my abilities in the communication areas such as photography and filmmaking to create this change in individuals. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my free time, I enjoy making or editing photos and taking long hikes in the forest with my dog, Lobo, and my friends. I love spending time with my family, travelling, and hearing stories.