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#ElephantOfTheMonth – May 2022

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Inveniam Group is made up of a diverse and multidisciplinary team that works together to bring breakthrough technologies to the market. Every month we will highlight one of our team members to get to know them and show who we are. For our eighth instalment we present, Max Kaczor.

What interested you about working with Inveniam Group?

I discovered Inveniam Group while completing my masters degree in Seville. I was looking for a dynamic and young company that would allow me to apply all of my professional skills and education to the work we do. I also wanted somewhere that would give me the chance to develop and learn new skills and grow professionally. Inveniam group has all that and more, with their multidisciplinary team and exciting work environment.

What do you do here at Inveniam Group?

I am an analyst so I assist the public funding team by telling our clients stories through word within the grant proposals that we write. I try to create a narrative that can be followed from the start of each proposal and show the growth of each project and how they arrived to their TRL. I also work on the communications side by updating and maintaining all the social media pages as well as the blog and website.

What are your fields of interest?

I am interested in the field of science communication and how we can bridge the gap between the scientific community and the public to make science more accessible for everyone. The social science field is an important part of scientific discovery because you need to be able to effectively communicate your findings to the people who will benefit from them.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I’ve been a skier for 22 years so every winter I enjoy getting out into the mountains as much as I can. When possible I like to get out traveling and experience new cultures and foods to try. I also enjoy going to concerts and attending stand-up comedy shows.

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