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Ignacio Villa, the Inveniam Group’s newest partner

A short interview with our new partner, Ignacio Villa, about his background in corporate finance and M&A, as well as his thoughts towards future work and expectations in Inveniam.

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Ignacio Villa defines himself as a finance man, beginning his career as an auditor in Pricewaterhouse and later continuing in corporate banking. In the last 20 years, he has been involved in both M&A and private equity. Through his career in M&A, Ignacio closed more than 50 deals, most of them in cross-border environments. He has also worked as an Investment Manager of private equity funds at Banco Sabadell and Baring Private Equity.

Ignacio came across Inveniam in May 2018 while working in FinTech. For Inveniam, Ignacio’s knowledge and experience did not go unnoticed, and he soon became a financial advisor to the team. In September, after collaborating together in a handful of projects, both Ignacio and Inveniam agreed that there were a lot of synergies to start working together in a closer partnership. Since then, as Inveniam’s newest partner, Ignacio has reinforced the expertise of the company’s corporate financial services. “You need the numbers, you always need the numbers. At the end of the day, it’s just good business,” says Ignacio.

The opportunity has exceeded Ignacio’s expectations, as he says both partners and analysts have proved to be extremely prepared and to work at a very high level. In the future, he expects Inveniam to become a reference consultancy firm in the world of startups for both Europe and Israel. “In the long run, Inveniam will be a big reference, especially for startups related to biotech, healthcare, and sustainability,” Ignacio predicts.