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Loop DX achieves the SoE and wins the CDTI Innovation #NextGenerationEU grant

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Sepsis is a global condition that affects approximately 27 million people every year. This condition can occur from germs entering the body and causing an infection. If this infection goes untreated, it can result in sepsis. Currently, a single diagnostic test for sepsis does not exist, so doctors and healthcare professionals need to use a combination of tests and visible signs the patient is displaying. This combination of tests and visible signs does not provide a timely diagnosis process and can lead to delayed diagnosis times, allowing sepsis to spread and worsen.

Loop Diagnostics (Loop Dx) is working to reduce the number of deaths caused by sepsis by developing a rapid, single test that will accurately diagnose sepsis and accelerate the process. They have developed a patented method and kit to identify immune activity biomarkers three times more sensitive than the current biomarker competitor (PCT) and deliver a ten times faster diagnosis than pathogen identification.

Loop Dx started in MOEBIO’s dHEALTH BCN program as a breakthrough initiative powered by Biocat and inspired by Stanford Biodesign and has successfully been awarded the Seal of Excellence grant from the CDTI Innovation and will receive € 1,2 million. This program finances projects awarded the Seal of Excellence evaluation from the EIC Accelerator for being recognized as high-potential/high-impact technologies. With this funding, Loop Dx will be able to continue its research and work towards reducing overall healthcare costs for medical centers and society and establishing new and more effective sepsis diagnosis methodologies.

Inveniam Group worked closely with Loop Diagnostics and supported them during their submission of the EIC Accelerator grant. The team at Inveniam is always enthusiastic about working with clients like Loop Dx, who are developing breakthrough technologies. Congratulations to Loop Dx on this victory, and we are looking forward to continued success and collaboration as we work towards a healthier future.

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