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Masters degree in Health and Science Management

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The UAB Barcelona, Biociencies UAN & VHIO are joining forces to open a new Master’s degree in Health and Science Management that provides graduate students, postdocs & professionals with a holistic view of the scientific management ecosystem and promotes the acquisition of the strategic vision and skills needed to become a well-rounded scientific manager.

We are proud to announce that Elena Canetti, one of our managing partners Inveniam, will be one of the lecturers for this Masters. Elena will pass on her knowledge to the participants to help them understand how to identify and valorise their technologies with the purpose of successful technology transfer.

The aim of the Master’s is to train the next generation of scientific managers to advance the goals and long-term vision of the research organisations where they work.

You can find more information on how to register by clicking on the link below and attend an informative session on Tuesday 21st February at 13h CET

Register now:👉

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