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#PitchTraining Program – BIOCAT

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An integral part of being an entrepreneur is creating a successful pitch for your project or business. This pitch needs to be concise, informative, and capitivating to garner the interest of investors. But what does it take to create a perfect pitch?

On December 14, 2021 Inveniam Group’s Managing Partner, Elena Canetti, had the opportunity to participate in the 2nd edition of the “#PitchTraining Program”.

The #PitchTraining Program was created in an effort to support young entrepreneurs and provide them with vital knowledge from industry leaders to help them create the perfect pitch and kickstart their careers.

The 2nd edition of the #PitchTraining Program also featured Laura Rodríguez Gallego from Invivo Captial and Pablo Villoslada, entrepreneur and neurology professor at Stanford University.

Elena Canetti spoke on her experience and had this to say about the event, “I had the pleasure to hear the pitches of the students of the Pitch Training Program organised by BIOCAT and give them feedback on their presentations together with Laura Rodriguez Gallego from InVivo Capital and Pablo Villoslada from Stanford University. The Pitch Training Program was aimed at projects and startups that need to improve their presentation to investors, corporate ventures, and scouts in the life sciences and health sector. The program helped these young entrepreneurs and researchers to understand what are their strengths in the communication of their project and the critical points to improve their business message.”

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