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Roka Furadada granted with €3.2 million from the European Commission

We are pleased to announce that our client Roka Furadada has been granted €1.7 million, plus €1.5 million in equity, in the first edition of the new EIC Accelerator from the European Commission.

Roka Furadada is a Barcelona-based dermatological health startup whose mission is to reduce the incidence of skin cancer through research, development, and production of active ingredients and medical devices with high efficiency and low toxicologic and environmental impact. They are developing the first intelligent, non-toxic (both for humans and the aquatic environment), highly-efficient ultraviolet radiation filter: SMART UV.

The grant will provide them with the resources to continue developing and validating the project to later bring it to the market at TRL9. Roka Furadada plans to create a physical pilot product to begin validation testing with a previously established lab partner. By combining precursor technology with encapsulation, they have developed solar filters that are six times more efficient at protecting us against harmful UV radiation and adapt their protection depending on the UV index of our location. They are stable, do not degrade with time or sun exposure, and are safe for humans and marine life. In addition, to further reduce their environmental impact, Roka Furadada is working on using lignin (a by-product from the biomass industry) as a raw material for the filters and flow production, thus contributing to the circular economy.

John Crockett, Partner at Inveniam Group, says: “Congratulations to Roka Furadada on becoming one of the first winners of the new EIC Accelerator. The EIC is an extremely competitive instrument, and we are glad to see that our and Roka Furadada’s hard work rewarded. It also means that our excellent track record of winning SME Instrument and EIC Accelerator projects is continuing into Horizon Europe.”

We at Inveniam Group are pleased to have supported Roka Furadada and congratulate them again on their achievement. We look forward to supporting them throughout the project and with future funding opportunities, to ensure their products reach the market where they will benefit users and the environment.

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