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Santibu, Inveniam’s new collaborator

Santibu, the first LATAM IP marketplace, has established a collaboration agreement with Inveniam.

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Santibu is the first Latin American platform that connects technology originators and potential commercial partners, creating the perfect environment for technology transfer and business. Tech owners create a profile where they upload information about their projects. Within the platform, they are able to see who is reviewing their technology and establish contact with them. Likewise, the commercial partners can register on the platform and once registered can review the technology profiles based on their preferences. Santibu platform has positioned itself as a gateway to new technology in Latin America. 

Earlier this week, Inveniam established a collaboration agreement with Santibu. In the framework of this agreement, Santibu can offer their users Inveniam’s services. Tech originators can hire Inveniam in the areas of corporate finance, tech transfer, among others. This opportunity will not only create the best environment to develop their technology but could also guarantee the users the best deal for their projects. 

Inveniam is a transaction and strategy advisory firm with the goal of bridging the gap between technology originators and the market. With several years of experience in technology transfer and scouting, Inveniam has assembled a wide database of tech buyers around the world and provides their clients with a specialized target area for their technology.