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Pharmacelera has been granted with 1M€ by EIC Accelerator

Life Sciences

We are happy to announce that our colleagues from Pharmacelera have been granted with 1M€ by EIC Accelerator (ex SME Instrument Phase 2).

Pharmacelera is a deep tech company that wants to revolutionize drug discovery. They are developing PharmScreen, a revolutionary platform based on accurate Quantum-Mechanics (QM) algorithms, Machine Learning (ML) and High-Performance Computing (HPC) to identify molecules with higher chances to become a drug. PharmScreen enables accurate predictions of molecular properties and a holistic search of a larger and richer chemical space, which thereby increases the success rate of lead identification.

Enric Gibert, CEO of Pharmacelera says: “The contribution of John Crockett (partner at Inveniam), Cristina Vilarmau (associate at Inveniam) and the rest of the team has been very important for this milestone”.

We at Inveniam Group are very happy to have helped Pharmacelera to achieve this great success! We wish you the best luck in all your future projects.