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Predictheon closes a Round of €840,000, led by Clave, for the launch of its first products to improve Clinical Monitoring

The company works on predictive models through mathematical modeling and Artificial Intelligence techniques, such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning, to improve the work of physicians and the safety of patients

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Predictheon SL, a spin-off of the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, the University of Navarra, and the University of San Buenaventura in Cali, has closed its first investment round of €840,000. This transaction has been led by the University of Navarra I+D+I Technology Transfer Fund, under the management of Clave, the VC firm. It has been coordinated by the strategic and corporate finance consultancy firm, Inveniam Group, in which private investors from medical community and international investors have participated.

Since its inception, the company has obtained funding from the EIT Health Headstart programme, the Caixa Impulse Programme from Fundació La Caixa, ACCIÓ and the Health Research Fund of the Ministry of Health (Government of Spain). In addition, Predictheon has received the Seal of Excellence from the European Commission.

Predictheon develops software-based monitoring solutions for the prediction of clinically relevant real-time patient metrics and outcomes in different areas of anesthesia and perioperative care. These solutions integrate in an innovative manner personalized patient data, clinical monitoring, and predictive analytics.

The CEO and co-founder of Predictheon, Dr Pedro L. Gambús, affirms that “with the confidence of our investors we will be able to consolidate the project by commercializing the first pack of software solutions and the evolution of new lines of development. Ultimately, Predictheon will contribute to improving clinical practice and patient safety by adding a new dimension to clinical monitoring systems, based on real data and predictive analysis”.

Currently, there is no predictive approach to patient monitoring and control in the global market. The developments of Predictheon represents a novel change that increases patient safety by individualizing the therapeutic effects, reduce the incidence of adverse events and improve clinical workflows by providing real-time information to physicians, reducing the costs produced by adverse events and representing a significant improvement for the health system.

This round will allow Predictheon to complete the regulatory process in Europe and in the US for its first products that will be used in operating rooms and sedation procedures, as well as to complete ongoing clinical validation. Besides that, the operation will help the company to consolidate the team and further improve the product to reach initial sales in 2022.

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