Public Funding.




Public Funding and Equity from European Institutions



European funding can be an attractive alternative for technological start-ups and SMEs looking to raise funding for their R&D projects. However, the resources required to submit a winning bid is often beyond reach of these companies.

At Inveniam, we support the company to submit a winning bid with a tailormade package of services, adjusted to meet the needs of each specific client, from strategic analysis of the idea to negotiation of the grant the commission. These include:

  • Analysis of the concept and identification of appropriate funding opportunities
  • Support in looking for consortium partners,
  • Demo and pilot sites and letters of support
  • Full or partial proposal writing
  • Development of a financial business plan
  • Project budget estimation
  • All bureaucratic elements, including registering the company as an SME and submitting the proposal
  • Company valuation (when applying for public equity – such as the SME instrument)
  • Pitch deck
  • Pitch practice
  • Dealing with the commission during the project negotiation phase

We are specialized in funding schemes that are particularly attractive to start-ups and SMEs, such as the SME instrument, FTI, FETs, Pre-Commercial Procurement, Eureka EuroStars and H2020 Prizes. We also have experience of successfully including our clients in H2020 collaborative project consortiums and in the writing and submission of these projects.


Spanish Public Support



We work with companies looking to raise Spanish, Regional, or Local public financing, tax credits and all other public support instruments.



Other Institutional and Non-for-profit Funding



In selected occasions, Inveniam supports companies or institutions submit an application for international institutions and foundations, such as DARPA, ARPA-e, NIH, or Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation.