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BiofreshTech, a Valencian startup, with 7 international patents in autonomous air conditioning, presents its applications for Supermarket Retail and Hospitality Industry in Paterna


On July 2nd Biofreshtech presented its technological applications in the facilities of La Pinada Lab in Paterna for refrigerated appliances, specifically for the sectors: Supermarket Retail and Hospitality Industry.

The presentation was accompanied by the General Director of Innovation of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ms. Sonia Tirado and the Mayor of Paterna, Mr. Juan Antonio Sagredo alongside representatives of companies such as Mercadona, Mahou, Heineken, ASFRI, Steel-Inox, among other users that utilise refrigerated appliances in their operations.

The presentation of BiofreshTech technology included the intervention of Roberto Solsona, General Manager of Frost-trol who is a national reference in this sector, with whom BiofreshTech has signed an initial agreement with for the adaptation of its thermal storage technology. Frost-trol detailed the levels of efficiency achieved with the first test equipment that was carried out jointly by the R&D teams of both companies with Ramón Cabello, Professor at the Universitat Jaume I in Castelló, who evaluated the viability and technical efficiency of BiofreshTech technology by means of tests.

The opening of the presentation was given by the General Director of Innovation, Sonia Tirado, who proposed in her speech three challenges and three reflections’, aimed at an objective based on collaboration between all the actors involved in innovation; public administrations, universities and companies, to improve the efficiency of the innovation process, so that technological advances reach people in the best and fastest way and improve their lives“. She also congratulated BiofreshTech for “being a vector of innovation, for its investment in innovation and for generating wealth in the region“.

For its part, BiofreshTech participated during the speeches with Rafa Matamoros, CEO of the company, Álvaro Pérez, Director of the Refrigeration and Cold Storage area and Javier Guillén, Technical and R&D  Director as well as inventor of the patented technology.

During his speech, Rafa Matamoros highlighted the “evolutionary process of the technological project from its foundation at the beginning of 2018 to the present, when they are now starting their Market Access phase, with the signing of the first national and international agreements with manufacturers of refrigeration equipment”. In this sense, he highlighted “the support received by collaborators, suppliers, referential clients, consultancies, public administrations specialised in the financing of R&D projects and the recognition received recently by the World Bank, selecting BiofreshTech as one of the best technologies in the world in autonomous climate control“.

For Javier Guillén, Inventor of BiofreshTech technology and Technical Director, answered three basic questions. Explaining the fundamentals of the technology, its direct consequences, especially the alignment with renewable energy sources, to be able to store thermally the energy that is not able to store the electrical energy system and finally, explained BiofreshTech’s future. In more detail, Javier referred to the evolution of technology, explaining; “We are basically working on two principles: increasing the thermal ranges and increasing the refrigeration mass unit of our liquids, in order to reduce the weight and dimensions of the accumulators“.

Finally, Álvaro Pérez, Director of BiofreshTech’s Refrigeration Area for Supermarkets and Horeca, explained the positive practical consequences of the bottle cooler adapted with BiofreshTech technology, especially “in outdoor events such as major festivals, concerts, cultural and social events of all kinds, managing to have the cooler disconnected from the power supply during use and, consequently, avoiding noise and promoting substantial economic and environmental savings“.

In addition, Roberto Solsona concluded the explanations of the adaptations stating “significant improvements are demonstrated in the IEE (Energy Efficiency Index), of the appliances from the application of the BiofreshTech thermal accumulation system, it also improves the quality of the product to be subjected to lower temperature fluctuations, independent of the product load, inside the applicances”, in the technical section and “we are delighted with the collaboration established with BiofreshTech,  its technology and we hope very soon to produce the first units on the market“, in the corporate section.

Likewise, Ramón Cabello, Professor of Thermal Engines at the University Jaume I, whose department has evaluated and certified the viability of BiofreshTech technology, said during his speech that; “We have carried out tests on a bottle cooler and the BiofreshTech technology is viable for several reasons: firstly, it has more than 50 hours of energy autonomy in environments of 30ºC and 60% humidity; secondly, it maintains energy autonomy regardless of the product load in the cabinet; it has great thermal stability, without significant fluctuations; and lastly, during the more than 50 hours of autonomy, it has not required the system to be defrosted“.

The event was brought to a close by the Mayor of Paterna, Juan Antonio Sagredo, who stressed that “as a career engineer, I will always be committed to innovation and Paterna offers a wide range of services, spaces and facilities in this area“.