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Corporates & Startups driving innovation in Circular Economy – Gellify latest report


At Inveniam we are very pleased to have collaborated with GELLIFY in their latest Circular Economy (CE) report.

The circular economy is fast emerging globally. Companies and governments are increasingly recognizing its potential to tackle the root causes of climate change and other global challenges while generating new and better growth opportunities. As a solution that can scale fast, its relevance has only become more apparent in recent discussions about economic renewal.

The CE can help meet global climate targets by transforming the way we produce and use goods. Moving towards a more CE could deliver benefits such as reducing pressure on the environment, improving the security of the supply of raw materials, increasing competitiveness, stimulating innovation, boosting economic growth, and creating jobs.

If you want to learn how +30 corporations and startups apply these principles in their organizations, download the report for free here.