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i4KIDS-EUROPE Mission and the Paediatric Innovation Day


The Inveniam team had the opportunity to participate in the i4KIDS-EUROPE Mission and the Paediatric Innovation Day 2023 held in Warsaw, Poland. This initiative funded by the European Commission is dedicated to fostering synergies and bridging gaps between diverse paediatric actors and European territories.

During the mission in Warsaw, we had the opportunity to:

1. Visit the Children’s Memorial Health Institute – the largest paediatric hospital in Europe. Meeting Marek Migdal, the Deputy Head of the centre, we delved into significant innovation and ongoing clinical research shaping paediatric health.

2. Visit the Polish Chamber of Physicians, where we gained valuable insights into the role of the Medical Chamber as an innovation catalyst, the pioneering potential of hospitals, the key innovation initiatives within big pharma, and the synergy between public-private partnerships.

3. Participate in the I4KIDS-EUROPE General Assembly Meeting, in which we discussed primary focus areas for long-term changes and ongoing activities beyond the project.

The Paediatric Innovation Day 2023, co-organized by K.I.D.S Foundation as part of the European i4KIDS-EUROPE initiative, brought together leading professionals in paediatrics and maternal health from across Europe. Our Associate Fé van den Broek had the honour of being a keynote speaker, sharing invaluable insights into the European Paediatric Innovation Ecosystem and its current challenges.Our research’s key findings will soon be available, as they will be encapsulated in the Situation Report, which will be published in the coming weeks.

Our visit to Warsaw revealed a resounding consensus: regardless of geographical location, stakeholders face shared challenges in fostering an innovative culture, promoting collaboration, and facilitating widespread adoption. This collective realization underscores the critical role of international networks like i4KIDS-EUROPE in fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration, especially in traditionally underrepresented fields like pediatric innovation.